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Danone Social Network

Added on 23-06-2014




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Business challenge

Danone is a global company with more than 100,000 employees all over the world, working for four divisions.

Sharing and Connecting is key to simplify processes, gain knowledge and develop our people as the network and find the information they need. Danone Social Network was launch is order to connect all Danoners and help them find the right information, contact and work together, smarter when we cannot meet face to face.


Danone Social Network (DSN) is a professional social network with similar functionalities as public social networks: profile page, home page with feeds, ability to add people in one's network, communities and a wide range of tools to share different kind of content (questions, files, bookmarks, pictures, knowledge and so on).

It is available in and outside Danone's intranet via a free mobile app.


Implementing an internal social network is not only a matter of technologies nor tools, it is also a matter of culture. If collaboration and trust between peers is not a strong asset of the internal culture, the social network will stay a content depository and no impact will be achieved. The most strinking impact is the fact that Collaboration and Openess have become key strategic cultural dimensions for Danone over the years. We are therefore focusing on changing the mindsets to a more open company and this can be seen by the multiplication of internal communities, the ability to identify better the right expert outside of his/her own business unit and global gain of time in finding information.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Open a digital platform for collaboration will not make collaboration happen, a shift to a more open mindset will. We haven't finished the implementation journey because it takes time to reach 100,000 Danoners. Instead on just communication on a tool, we realised we should focus on the user needs, on the real added value for the business and the user, on simplify the existing processes and tools.

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