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Danone - Parent Friendly Company

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

As a result of the Employee's Survey in 2007, a few development areas were identified. Two problems were discovered: work-life balance and mother-friendliness were highly discussed in the survey panels. This resulted in the creation of working group that was supposed to prepare an action plan, present a proposal and implement it.


The Parent Friendly Company aims to create a family-firendly atmosphere as well as better work-life balance in the long run. It is open to a wide group of employees, however some benefits are related specifically to new parents.

The Parent Friendly Company program includes solutions divided into four groups:

Work-life balance (1 month extra full-paid maternity leave, shorter working day during the first 2 months after come back after maternity leave, extra day off for men becoming fathers)

Flexibility (various flex work options, rooms for breast feeding mothers)

Mindset & security (6-month protection period after maternity, come back path, clear rules of performance review of pregnant women, family picnic once per year, open day in both factories once per year)

Support (private family childbirth for women, additional vaccination for employee's children, newborn layette, Christmas gifts for children, refunding of the holiday costs).

The first step of the project was to identify stakeholders' needs. 70 interviews with employees were conducted (including all departments, both managers and non-managers; men and women; parents and non-parents). The project group that conducted the interviews consisted of employees representing different functions and departments. They did also have a "sponsor" (member of the Board of Directors).


We are waiting for feedback from the stakeholders and results of the next People Survey in the area of Culture & Values, Job satisfaction etc.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The achievements to date include the following:

  • Very good feedback from employees
  • Increase of employees motivation
  • Positive influence on the company's image
  • In 2009: 91 employees received newborn, layette, 72 employees used additional day off (after the child was born), 17 women working in Danone used private childbirth option and 16 used additional month of maternity leave, 86 children were vaccinated against pneumococcal, 877 children of our employees received Christmas gifts
  • Latest Danone People Survey shows a 12% increase in employee satisfaction (in comparison to previous survey) from benefits offered by Danone, which include Parents Friendly Company benefits as well.

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