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CSR Sweden


Created in 2004, CSR Sweden is the leading business driven network in Sweden for stimulating and creating an environment for corporate social responsibility.

The main purpose of CSR Sweden is to:

  • inspire companies to create and improve CSR activities.
  • build a network for Swedish companies, to promote use of CSR practices.
  • offer practical solutions.
  • develop and maintain strong links to CSR Europe and the NPO network.


CSR Sweden's mission is sustainable businesses by focusingĀ on Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR Sweden gathers, inspires and stimulates companies to do CSR activities by doing that both Society and Companies will develop. Through CSR activities companies will reach profitability, growth and personnel/HR development.


  • Organise events for companies for sharing experiences on CSR.
  • Provide a collection of innovative best practices on mainstreaming CSR for companies in order to incorporate them in their own business strategy.
  • Develop practical CSR instruments in the context of the Swedish experience.
  • Arrange stakeholder dialogue sessions between companies, NGOs, government, civil society, media and other key stakeholders.
  • Hold B2B meetings/workshops.
  • Arrange study visits.
  • Provide Helpdesk services.



Per Mossberg, PostNord AB


For more information, please contact Marianne Bogle, Executive Director.

Phone: +46 (8) 144 400
Fax: + 46 (8) 211 454
Address: Skeppsbron 22, S-111 30 Stockholm, Sweden