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CSR Romania


CSR Romania was initiated in 2006 by the Romanian foundation Forum for International Communications. The Forum was among the first non-governmental organisations in Romania to provide in-depth focus on the concept of corporate social responsibility by establishing a dedicated platform called CSR Romania with the aim to offer Romanian companies a space to exchange knowledge and learn about CSR, to mainstream CSR in business and to strengthen the stakeholder dialogue.


CSR Romania aims to promote social and economic benefits of CSR for society, increase the importance of CSR strategy among corporate leaders and provide Romanian companies and their social partners with a platform for exchanging know-how, research and best practices in the field of sustainable business.


  • Promoting responsible business through specific tools such as a dialogue-oriented website (, regular newsletters, roundtables and debates, informal meetings and workshops.
  • Conducting regular researches on key CSR topics.
  • Rewarding excellence in communicating CSR programmes and practices.
  • Consulting companies on developing and implementing CSR programmes.
  • Conducting joint projects with renown international CSR organisations with the aim to facilitate access of the Romanian companies to the emerging trends and developments in the CSR field.


The organisation was established through the effort of individuals and companies, who represent SMEs, large businesses and NGOs.


For more information, please contact Dana Oancea, Executive Director.

Phone: + 40 31 4014245
Address: Str. Uranus nr. 98, Bl. U8, Sc. 4, Ap. 74, 050826 Bucharest, Romania
Facebook: CSR Romania
Twitter: @CSRRomania
LinkedIn: CSR Romania