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CSR Risk-Check: Free online assessment tool for Corporate Social Responsibility

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The “CSR Risk-Check" Tool is a highly relevant tool for companies and their suppliers engaging and/or investing in developing and emerging countries. The "CSR Risk-Check" Tool enables companies to uncover and assess potential risks such as lack of decent working conditions, violations of land rights or negative environmental impacts along their supply chain to better prepare for activities and upcoming investments.  

From now on companies may access the German version of the online tool “CSR Risk-Check” to generate information on human rights as well as environmental, social and other governance issues, notably in developing and emerging economies.

The tool is free of charge and can be accessed here.

It is available in English, Dutch and now also German:  (ENG) (NL) (DE)

The German version of online-tool has been implemented by the NAP Helpdesk on Business and Human Rights located at the Agency for Business & Economic Development (AWE) together with the German business network UPJ e.V. as well as the owner MVO Nederland. 
The launch of the “CSR Risk-Check” Tool has been one of the highlights of this year's "Oktoberfest", with the Agency for Business & Economic Development (AWE) also celebrating its two-year anniversary on 11 October 2018.  
Further information on the "CSR Risk-Check" and those involved can be found at: