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CSR Kosovo welcomes new law for the 'Trepça' mining complex in Kosovo

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Kosovo Parlament has recently passed a law for the state-owned "Trepça" Mining Complex, a Kosovar industrial giant that had been struggling will a multitude of issues since the end of the war in Kosovo.

The new Law turns "Trepça" into a Joint Stock Corporation, and sets aside 20% of its shares for the employees. At the same time, this Law enacts a legal obligation for CSR for the new legal entity of "Trepça", effectively turning "Trepça" into a flagship of mainstreaming CSR in a model that should be replicated among other state-owned enterprises.

CSR Kosovo welcomes this Law and sees it as extraordinarily positive news for Kosovo in that it reflects a proactive stance of the Kosovar institutions in inclusion of CSR principles in this law, while also creating an example that can be promoted as a Kosovar best practice in CSR, business and human rights, through the inclusion of employees as shareholders and formalizing a legally binding CSR commitment to the local communities where "Trepça" operates. 

CSR Kosovo actively promotes CSR and continues its advocacy toward both the private and public sectors throughout Kosovo, continuously supporting the inclusion of responsible and sustainable business conduct, and corporate citizenship, in the core business values of all private and public companies in Kosovo.

CSR Kosovo was founded in 2011 and is the only Kosovar organization on corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Our mission is the promotion of the UN Global Compact's 10 Guiding Principles, CSR Europe's Enterprise 2020 Strategy, the European Pact for Youth, and various european best practices in human rights, environment, transparency and anti-corruption. CSR Kosovo is a National Partner Organization of CSR Europe since 2013.

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