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CSR Europe and J.P. Morgan Launch New Pilot Project On Upskilling

Monday, January 6, 2020

With the support of J.P. Morgan, through its New Skills at Work programme, CSR Europe is launching the new pilot project Upskill4Future to investigate how companies can actively prepare their employees to future occupations. The project, carried out together with CSR Europe National Partner Organisations (NPOs), will assess companies HR readiness and test pilot actions on continuous training and job mobility of vulnerable employees at risk of job loss. Upskill4Future is open to CSR Europe’s members.

Against technological disruption, many companies are restructuring their organisation, causing layoffs while offering new positions not matching the redundant profiles. To help companies managing these transformations sustainably, CSR Europe and five of its National Partner Organisations are launching a new pilot project Upskill4Future to support companies in innovating their HR processes via inclusive training and job transitions by:

  1. Forecasting changing skills & occupations
  2. Upskilling current workforce to meet new work demands
  3. Supporting employee mobility between tasks & occupations

The project will kick off in January 2020 and run for 2,5 years.

Join Upskill4Future         

Interested companies can take part in the Pilot Project by contacting the CSR Europe National Partner Organisations in France, Italy (via Fondazione Sodalitas and Impronta Etica), Spain and Poland as well as by engaging with CSR Europe. 

As part of the action, your company can learn from peers through private working group meetings together selected stakeholders, receive tailored benchmarking and evaluation services and connect with relevant stakeholders.

For more information:

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