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CSR Europe and Huawei conference 'Digitalisation & Work'

Added on 26-06-2018

We are bringing together 150 people from businesses, politics, international organisations and NGOs to discuss the evolving role of ICT in the economy and its impact on productivity and employment.

The conference 'Digitalisation & Work: ICT, Driver of Social Value’ will take place on Thursday 11 October 2018 at Solvay Library, Brussels. New technologies underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Robotics, are reshaping the very concept of work and force us to rethink the way it is organised. Together, we will explore how technological change is a major driver of growth and development, and is equally associated with labour market change. Tony Graziano, Vice-President European Public Affairs and Communication at Huawei said ahead of the event: ‘We address crucial questions: How will we work and live tomorrow? In what ways are changes in technology affecting our lifestyle and our traditions today? This exciting conference is not to be missed.’

Together with 150 key stakeholders in Europe and beyond (business, SMEs, civil society, government), we will explore the impact of ICT on the labour market and look at the opportunities, such as lifelong education, creation of greater economic value, jobs and reduction of inequalities,’ says Stefan Crets, Executive Director, CSR Europe. ‘Inspiring participants by showcasing practical, best practice examples of how companies and stakeholders are embracing new ICT solutions to amplify impact is also essential.’


The event will revolve around the presentation of a report, prepared by the London School of Economics, which analyses employment trends and the impact of technologies such as AI at work. Policy-makers and representatives from different industries will illustrate the impact of digital transformation on the labour market and consequently on lifelong education, economic value, jobs and reduction of inequality. We will showcase best practice examples of how companies and stakeholders can collaborate to prepare our citizens for the digitalisation and embrace new ICT solutions.

Registrations are open for all. Please note that due to restricted number of seats, participants will receive a final confirmation of participation. 




You can find the full agenda with the keynote speakers below.