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Member achievements

Business engagement

Our experience of working with a coalition of like-minded companies for almost twenty years shows that companies can engage with the EU to create both incremental and systemic change on governance, sustainability and social innovation issues.

Through negotiation, pro-active collaboration and collective learning with EU leaders and stakeholders, CSR Europe member companies and partners impact the future of EU policies on topics such as employment, enterprise, development, education, trade, external relations, internal market, environment, and more.

Recent examples of positive change

EU Policy and action plan

Through CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 strategy, the only business initiative embedded in the EU CSR Strategy, corporate members and national networks co-design and actively implement the EU strategy on CSR

Skills and jobs

CSRE Europe, in close collaboration with the European Commission (Directorate-General EMPL) launched in 2015 the European Pact for Youth which aims at addressing the current skills gap and youth unemployment in Europe.

Companies’ leaders, policy makers, key partners of all over Europe have committed to a number of targets in the field of education, apprenticeships and entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of making business education partnerships “The new normal”. More information on the Pact and its supporters.

EU and transparency

CSR Europe has worked on smart company reporting for the past fifteen years, through ongoing dialogue with social partners, civil society and governments. Specifically, CSR Europe’s direct involvement in the preparation and negotiation of the ´European Directive on the Disclosure of Non-financial Information’ led to the development of a level playing field on CSR reporting as a means towards integrating management and business performance in Europe.

CSR Europe members have contributed to the development of the ‘Non-binding guidelines on non-financial information reporting’. The European Commission published these non-binding guidelines on the June 26, 2017.

EU diversity management

CSR Europe and national partner IMS France is working on a European Commission project to support voluntary initiatives promoting diversity management across EU workplaces. Together, we are reaching out to 28 member states to promote a European Platform on Diversity.