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Creating strong partnerships for Youth Education

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Total Foundation is building up new citizenship programmes based on partnerships between civil society, educational institutions and private companies, such as suppliers. CSR Europe organised an SDG roundtable on Youth Inclusion & Education at the Brussels SDG Summit last May, where Manoelle Lepoutre, Senior Vice President Civil Society and Engagement, TOTAL, provided key highlights of Total Foundation’s work.

 “Civil Society programmes must be fully embedded in society’s needs. Their implementation needs to be in partnership with stakeholders, not just with money giving. TOTAL has recently been reconsidering the way they do business and how they engage with society ‘ explains Manoelle Lepoutre, Senior Vice President Civil Society and Engagement.

In line with its expertise and values, Total supports local communities focusing on youth within host countries through 4 axes of engagement:


One of the most ambitious projects of the Total Foundation is the “L’École de Production”. This new type of school will favour the integration of youth seeking a path towards the jobs for tomorrow, such as working with robot assistants or update and analyse smart grid data. Based close to Paris, the school will welcome for free by end of 2020 between 300 and 500 young people between 16 and 25 years old.  For TOTAL, the ‘Ecole de Production” project will also be a way to train and recruit skilled youth. Based on the ‘Learning by doing’ principle, the school will train on real-life industrial projects in partnership with suppliers, for instance. Technical training will be rewarded with a certificate or diploma.


 ‘Running strong and sustainable partnerships requires to set up a clear strategy and common goals with stakeholders right from the start’ advises Manoelle Lepoutre.  That will enable a powerful common working platform.

The next step will be to align actions & programmes with the common goals, using the specific skills and competencies of each of the partners. One of the key areas for collaboration identified by the SDG round table participants was the need to share a common long-term vision between the stakeholders, as well as alignment to the local needs and youth educational model.

Another key ingredient is the active engagement between the Total teams and their stakeholders and partners. adds Manoelle. This is essential for strengthening priorities and have real-time feedback. The focus must stay on the common values and the scalable mutual outcome. TOTAL’s experience clearly shows that partnerships with NGOs provide new working channels and provide educational opportunities for young people.

Understanding the importance of stakeholder collaboration, CSR Europe has recently launched a collaborative platform on girls in STEM Education. The platform will look to leverage the expertise, networks and experience of four companies to increase the awareness and impact of STEM-related projects.

Discover about how your company can get involved in our collaborative STEM platform.  

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