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Monitoring the EU NFR Directive with GRI

CSR Europe has partnered with GRI to set up the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive Platform, an informal discussion platform, which will allow businesses and civil society to come together and share information in order to support effective implementation of the EU Directive on disclosure of non-financial and diversity information by certain large undertakings and groups.

GRI and CSR Europe were actively involved in the process that led to the adoption of the directive. Both organisations see this as an opportunity for the EU to spearhead progress towards a sustainable and knowledge-based global economy. Additionally, both GRI and CSR Europe believe the European Commission should be taking further steps to support an effective implementation of the directive.

The EU Non-financial Reporting Directive Platform will facilitate the collection of information on the status and modalities of the directive’s implementation in Member States. It will also be useful in assessing the capacity building measures that are being initiated locally and to encourage the sharing of best practices.

To join the platform and/or to receive more information please contact Rosanna Tufo.