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Become a licensed assessor (MIA)

CSR Europe cannot achieve scale to build capacity in Europe alone

  • In order to help achieve the vision of the EU Directive, i.e. to increase competitiveness through transparency, we need to ensure that companies are equipped with the right understanding and capacities to manage non-financial performance.
  • The Directive will affect 6000+ companies directly and many more indirectly (through supply chains).
  • CSR Europe has developed an overarching sustainability management maturity and integration assessment and benchmarking tool for companies to be able to identify their gaps.
  • To achieve scale and management capacity in Europe, we are offering the tool’s license at a preferential rate to CSR Europe’s national partner organisations.

Sustainability Management Maturity & Integration Assessment (MIA): CSR Europe's framework for internal improvement

  • Provides companies with a solution to assess and benchmark the level of maturity and integration of their sustainability management in order to better understand and internally communicate areas for improvement.
  • Key metrics are based on some aspects of GRI G4 and CSR Europe’s assessment of an ideal situation, these are linked to the requirements of the EU Directive on Non-Financial Information Disclosure.

We deliver

  • The entire assessment, including process description and data collection tools
  • Training on the assessment and its tools
  • 1 company assessment delivered together
  • A secure and confidential data exchange platform
  • Free tool upgrades
  • Continuous support

We Ask For

  • All data assessed, in order to use it for aggregate analysis at a European level
  • A license fee


Preferential rate for CSR Europe national partners: 6,000 EUR

For any questions on the MIA benchmark contact Beatriz Alonso.

Let's Scale Up European Transparency with the MIA tool - Webinar

Let's Scale Up European Transparency with the MIA tool - Webinar presentation