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CONFERENCE - Digitalisation and Circular Economy

Added on 18-07-2019


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Conference has been postponed to February 2020. The new exact date will be announced soon.


CSR Europe and Huawei invite you to join the 5th edition of the Sustainability and Innovation conference series on Digitalisation & Circular Economy.

With an increasing global population and economic wellbeing, the demand for products is on the rise. This increasing consumption of goods is putting a strain on natural resources needed in the production process and causes large quantities of waste that pollutes air, soil and water at a global scale.

With the circular economy, we can move away from the linear consumption pattern Produce – Use – Dispose to focus instead on a model based on Refuse, Reduce, Repair, Reuse and Recycle. In a fully circular economy, there is no waste, because all waste becomes a raw material for a new product. This thus eliminates waste and reduces the need for virgin raw materials.  Digitalisation is a key enabler of this transition to a circular economy. Together with online platforms, they contribute to improving:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Sustainable consumption patterns
  • Product as a service
  • Transparency & recyclability
  • Collaboration


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