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Benchmark your management processes

Sustainability Management Maturity & Integration Assessment (MIA): CSR Europe's framework for internal improvement

  • Provides companies with a solution to assess and benchmark the level of maturity and integration of their sustainability management in order to better understand and internally communicate areas for improvement.
  • Key metrics are based on some aspects of GRI G4 and CSR Europe’s assessment of an ideal situation, linked to the requirements of the EU Directive on Non-Financial Information Disclosure.

Assess your process readiness & address challenges

  • Fill in the Integration and Maturity Assessment questionnaires (approximately 2 hours)
  • Participate in an initial and a score validation interview (approximately 3 hours)
  • Share the results internally in a workshop to start action planning (optional, not included in the MIA benchmark)

We deliver

  • MIA benchmark: a confidential individual gap analysis and benchmark
  • Optional: a dedicated internal workshop to present results and start action planning to fill gaps


For members
  • Report Preferential rate for CSR Europe members: 4,000 EUR 
  • Optional internal workshop: 2,500 EUR
For non-members
  • Report rate for non-members: 8,000 EUR
  • Workshop rate for non-members: 5,000 EUR

For any questions on the MIA benchmark, contact Beatriz Alonso.