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Collaboration for Impact: Maturity and integration of sustainability in European sector associations

Added on 29-05-2018

Collaboration is vital to pursue the systemic changes needed in society and within business to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. We believe, and there is a growing body of evidence, that sector and multi-stakeholder partnerships have the potential to raise the integration of sustainability on the agenda, which will lead to new business opportunities and enhanced competitiveness.

To find out more about the levels of maturity and integration of sustainability within sector associations, we worked with PwC to survey and interview a sample of 16 European sector organisations from 11 different industry sectors. The key findings of this research were presented at our May 2018 Brussels SDG Summit.

The findings from this study are a call to action to drive market transformation at sectoral levels. After our Summit, we will extend the dialogue to:

  • sector and industry leaders on practical ways to take action around SDGs; and
  • European Union (EU) institutions to explore how they can support industry leadership to accelerate the uptake of SDGs by the sectors.

We are very grateful to the sector associations for participating in the survey, to PwC for performing the research and to TBM for printing the study on sustainable Limex paper.

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