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CMS SPA - “Human resources involvement”

Added on 22-03-2013




Fondazione Sodalitas



Business challenge

Our company pursues the development of human capital and retention of labor relations in the belief that the indoor climate, if it is positive, it helps to live better. The solution implemented aims to put work at the center of sustainable business according to the principles of ethics, law and meritocracy. We want to become a sustainability element cuts across all areas of the business, a way of thinking and acting shared. We have highlighted in our 2011 Sustainability Report all activities implemented by those who work in the company and their possible impact on all stakeholders. The challenge is to get the involvement of employees through numerous communication initiatives, development of the corporate culture and detection of suggestions to continually improve the indoor climate.


At the base of our solutions is the SA8000 certification that demonstrates respect for the rights of those who work in the company, sustainability and social security conditions. Personal training, vocational and technical education are held in high consideration and continuously updated with the goal of developing the potential of human resources. Are favored learning aptitude, motivation and incentive to delegate professional versatility. CMS spa has its own nursery, a summer camp (“Green Summer”) for the children and grandchildren of employees and applies flexible hours to facilitate the reconciliation of home and work. The company implements at least an annual program of attention to health among workers, their awareness on the prevention of major diseases. Employees can report to their managers for every need, idea or suggestion. Responsibility, teamwork and delegation are the property of the company culture.
Internal communication, aimed at sharing knowledge and business programs, consists of a house organ paper, electronic newsletters, informations via intranet, daily technical meeting, monthly updates of employees in small groups, plenary meetings and the annual sustainability report that allows evaluation and advices.


Without presumption to solve problems bigger than us, we believe that a sustainable company should set the challenge of the work is lacking in the younger generation and contribute to this effect. Another challenge is the fact that sustainability becomes part of the DNA of our company is integrated in it, in every area, in every aspect. Everyone must become to “act sustainable” in a natural way. If are pillars of the company production capacity and financial strength, the same thing has to come to be the commitment to sustainability.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The annual corporate climate allows the detection of environment and internal relations. Employee participation is very high, reaching almost all of them and the results are in line with expectations or better. The appreciation of the opportunities is high and sometimes are referred to possible improvements: they are examined by the Direction and translated into corrective actions. The impact on the life of the company is positive and favorable indoor climate also allows you to live better personal life, outside of the workplace. The acceptance in the company for new employees, organized as a real welcome, information about company direct that the employee receives a quarterly basis through the delivery of a dashboard with indicators, everything is designed for better integration of people.
Attractive benefits are available to them: a contribution to the future spouses, contribution to the birth of a child, arrangements for food and for sport, space available for personal recreational activities, special awards for length of service, internal company library, care the financial needs of families.

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