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CleanLM game helps your organization achieve carbon neutrality

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Green business is leaner and more profitable.  That’s why every organization should reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and support the drive to battle climate change. However, helping people to understand the topic in a simple way and engaging their support is no easy task. LM Wind Power (LMWP) is the first company in the global wind industry to become carbon neutral in 2018. The company achieved this by calculating it emissions, reducing them and then offsetting the remaining balances. To engage employees and other stakeholders, the company developed a simple game that simulates what it takes to go carbon neutral, based on LM Wind Power’s own experience. CSR Europe will partner with Green Network and LMWP to introduce the CleanLM game to the network through a series of training sessions.

The game challenges groups of participants to take their company carbon neutral while considering parameters such as cost, profitability and brand value. The game is universally applicable and is aimed at opening a conversation about emission reductions and climate action within the organisation. LMWP, in collaboration with Green Networkhas successfully completed the pilot phase of the CleanLM game roll out, where it has been tested on various internal as well as external audiences and refined accordingly.

 “Our carbon neutrality pledge “CleanLM” proved that greener business is leaner business, contributing to profitability and making the world a better place!” said Christopher Springham, Vice President, Global Communications and Sustainability at LM Wind Power. “We have had tremendous success in engaging our own employees with our CleanLM game and would like to enable other organizations to achieve the same. Only together, we can make a difference for the planet.”

The partnership will support companies in their sustainability journey and increase the impact across Europe. The first step will be training the CSR Europe network of 42 National Partners Organisations on how to engage employees by using the CleanLM game. This training will take place the 6th of May in Brussels, during the spring NPO meeting.

Do not miss this opportunity! Come play the game and develop new ideas for how to improve your business and operational and energy efficiencies; develop reputation for sustainability leadershipand build a safer, cleaner and greener world for everyone.