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The city of tomorrow: low-energy and resilient solutions

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Cities today must reconcile economic development, performance and sustainability to provide their populations with comfort and quality of life.

To meet these expectations, ENGIE designs, installs and manages integrated systems that encompass the production and storage of renewable energies and the design of smart systems, particularly through smart solutions for buildings and self-consumption for private citizens.

70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in Marseille

ENGIE has designed and implemented what has become Europe’s largest urban system for heating and cooling using thermal energy from the sea, supplying approximately 500,000 square meters of buildings in the new Euroméditerranée neighborhood. The geothermal power plant, constructed by the Group, draws water from the Mediterranean at a depth of 7 meters and distributes heat and cold as required. This has resulted in 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (compared to a traditional heating and cooling system) for buildings connected. A geothermal solution enables coastal cities to produce low-cost renewable energy.

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