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Circular Economy: Business & Policy - Makers Workshops

Added on 09-01-2019

It is generally agreed that the implementation of innovative and circular business models as well as enabling policy environments represent great opportunities for the business and the policy sectors. The transition can in fact generate some important opportunities as improving the economic growth, creating new jobs, increasing innovation and saving substantial net material costs.



In order to share the business and policy insights the partners have learnt so far, the two workshops will be a unique opportunity to learn about successful circular stories and discover sector-related insights in key areas (such as textiles, electronics, water, food, plastics, construction).

The objectives of this event are two-fold:

  • February 13thwill be dedicated to the Business sector to help companies rethinking their business models and discover tools to implement sustainable strategies, as well as learn best practices from companies that are already implementing the circular practices.
  • February 14thwill be focused on the Policy context to identify the key policy requirements needed to promote the widespread adoption of circular economy in Europe and to enable policymakers to create effective measures to facilitate the transition towards circularity.


To learn more about opportunities the Circular Economy can offer, register at the following links:

  • Register here if you want to attend the Business-oriented workshop (13 Feb 2019)
  • Register here if you want to attend the Policy-oriented workshop (14 Feb 2019)
  • Register here if you want to take part in both days

Registrations are open for all. Please note that due to restricted number of seats, participants will receive a final confirmation of participation. 

For more information please contact Elisa Casazza (