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Circular business models in renewable energy

Added on 20-05-2019

The energy transition is accelerating: ambitions are high and investments in clean energy sources are increasing. Renewable energy is needed to reduce carbon emissions and slow down climate change.

But what about the production costs of carbon-free energy sources, such as wind turbines and solar panels?  The raw materials needed for renewable energy technology can be scarce in nature. Are the raw materials sourced in a sustainable and responsible way? What happens to these materials at the end-of-life of a wind turbine or solar panel, when they can no longer be used?

A more circular approach to renewable energy might be needed for the energy sector to become truly sustainable.

As a result of the roundtable discussion on Circular Procurement, hosted at the Brussels SDG Summit on 7 May 2019, CSR Europe and Enel would like to start a collaborative platform with other businesses to learn and share best practices, and to develop concrete collaborative projects on the circular business models in renewable energy.

In this workshop, we would like to explore common grounds for such a collaborative platform. Therefore, we are inviting energy companies and suppliers in electronics, chemical industry as well as those operating in the financial sector, to join us at this event.

The aim of this meeting and possible follow up meetings, is to:

  • Learn about the materials needed in the field of renewable energy and the possible Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility risks
  • Learn about current business initiatives on the circular economy in the energy sector
  • Discuss what is needed to develop and scale up more circular business models regarding raw materials in renewable energy
  • Discuss the next steps and possible collaboration.