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China seriously tackles CSR in 2017

Thursday, February 8, 2018

The Chinese government has been working hard in 2017 to put businesses and civil society under pressure to comply with environmental law and responsible business policies. These have a direct impact on most of the Chinese population.

Here are the 10 most significant new CSR policies set out last year. Follow the links for more information in English.  

1. Improving CSR at a regional level

A Guidance on Corporate Social Responsibility Development in Jiangsu Province, issued by several governmental departments, clarifies the requirement, work practices and a guarantee mechanism to develop CSR in Jiangsu Province.

2. Belt and Road project gets green

A Guidance on Promoting Green Belt and Road, issued by four ministries, sets out to boost cooperation for a pragmatic eco-environmental protection and to formulate environmental risk prevention policies and measures.

3. Proposing a mandatory environmental information disclosure system

A Cooperation Agreement on Promoting Environmental Information Disclosure by Listed Companies, signed by Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), aims to establish a mandatory environmental information disclosure system of listed companies, as well as improve supervision. 

4. Clarification on the environmental protection tax

Chinese ministries solicited public opinions on the Implementation Rules Environmental Protection Tax Law. The Rules will clarify the taxpayers of the environmental protection tax.

5. Support for voluntary service

The Voluntary Service Ordinance, issued by the Chinese government website, outlines the legal status, standard management, and support and guarantee of voluntary service organisations.

6. Promoting entrepreneurship

Chinese Central Government issued a document identifying for the first time the position and value of entrepreneurship.

7. New direction of corporate development

President Xi Jinping opened the 19th CPC National Congress presenting a report of a new era in China, faced with unbalanced development and people’s growing need for a better life.

8. Revolution on green packaging

Several governmental departments issued an Opinion on Collaboratively Promoting Green Packaging of Express Delivery Industry, proposing to increase the use of degradable packaging materials to 50 %, and creating a recycling system for express packaging.

9. A pilot program for environmental damage compensation

China is reforming its Plan for Ecological and Environmental Damage Compensation System, by setting up a nationwide pilot program, and further identifying details like the compensation range, subjects of responsibility, subjects of compensation claim etc.

10. Targeted poverty reduction

Targeted poverty reduction will be one of the main focuses of China for the next three years, as the country aspires to become a moderately prosperous society in all areas, declared a statement issued after the Central Economic Work Conference.

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