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Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

Ensuring that each customer can choose products that are both affordable and friendly to people and the environment is at the very heart of Casino's mission as a responsible community business.  This is the true impetus behind our policy of providing clear environmental information, similar to the nutritional data, on Casino own-brand product labels, in order to give customers the facts they need to make informed decisions.

Among Casino's major sustainable development challenges are:

  • Encouraging responsible forms of production and consumption
  • Taking action to improve nutrition
  • Combating climate change
  • Optimizing waste management
  • Meeting the challenges of sustainable construction
  • Encouraging respect for human rights in the workplace

As a retailer, we hare committed to setting a positive example.  For instance, more than 2500 metric tons of packaging have been saved since 2006 thanks to eco-design on Casino products.


Two main objectives of our initiative:

  • To provide consumers with clear, relevant information about the environmental impact of the products they consume daily, thus enabling them to develop sound ecological consumption habits.
  • To improve the environmental quality of Casino products through a global project actively involving all areas of the company - including purchasing, quality assurance and stores - and also in partnership with suppliers, major corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses.

The Casino Carbon Index is a measure of the greenhouse gases emitted during 5 key stages in the life cycle of each Casino brand product: production; manufacture; transport, from the field to the Casino warehouses; packaging, from raw material extraction to recycling; and distribution, from the Casino warehouses to the consumer's home.

The carbon footprint is expressed in terms of grams of CO2 generated per 100g of product. The Carbon Index is only valid in Metropolitan France.

Casino is working with its suppliers to reduce the carbon index of packaging, transport, and distribution.


The main remaining challenges are ensuring that people use the carbon index and that competition between suppliers motivates them to further reduce their carbon footprints.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

We have built beneficial relationships with stakeholders, consumers and French authorities.

The initiative has earned favourable coverage in numerous newspapers (including Le monde, AFP, L'express, le parisien, Le Figaro), and on television (TF1, France 2, France 3, Canal +, etc.) and radio (France info, France Inter, Europe 1, RTL, BFM, etc.).

The French government has invited us to present the initiative to the United Nations.

We are often invited by schools, farmer's cooperatives and packaging or product manufacturers to explain how this new label can be used and how to improve our GHG emissions.

At the beginning of 2010 a consumer survey of 1000 people found that: 84 % of the consumers consider the carbon index to be understandable; 81% think it is a useful way to protect the environment; and 42 % say that it is a way to help them daily to make the best choices.

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