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Capacity Development Workshop for businesses operating in Kosovo on supporting youth and sustainability

Monday, December 10, 2018

Kosovo CSR Network, in cooperation with the UNICEF office in Kosovo, has organized a Capacity Development Workshop for the Private Sector on supporting youth and sustainability. The event was organized to bring together businesses operating in Kosovo to contribute for SDGs, support StartUPs and invest in youth for volunteering opportunities.

This capacity development workshop is in the framework of the initiative for cooperation between Kosovo CSR Network and UNICEF, to harness the power of the private sector for empowering youth. Head of UNICEF Office in Kosovo, Murat Sahin, and Executive Director of Kosovo CSR Network, Linda Tahiri Rukiqi, invited businesses operating in Kosovo to contribute in socially responsible activities and work jointly towards increasing the stability and prosperity of Kosovo. The workshop included an overview on SDGs from central level and how the private sector can contribute; StartUP ecosystem in Kosovo, its development and the role of private sector in the development of sustainable ecosystem; investment in youth through volunteerism, and the role of private sector in investing in the future labour market of Kosovo.

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