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Canon - Canon UK Employee Assistance Programme

Added on 22-03-2013





Business challenge

Canon (UK) Ltd had implemented a new enterprise resource planning system, and reorganised to reflect new working practices. Existing practices and processes were changed, and some employees struggled to update their skill sets.

As the levels of stress and uncertainty increased, there was a significant increase in both stress-related absence and attrition rates.


After careful consideration, Canon (UK) Ltd decided to implement an Employee Assistance Programme, and chose PPC Worldwide as its partner.

The EAP programme provides independent, confidential advice and support to Canon staff and their families on a range of issues which could impact on work performance and wellbeing.

The programme offers employees consultative and referral for both work and non-work related issues. Through the EAP, employees can seek advice on anything from their career development and their relationship with their manager through to relationship counselling and conflicts with the local council. 

The programme has now been in place for two years, and has been used by 477 employees. The utilisation rate is slightly higher than the PPC average, but absence and attrition rates within the company are now lower than the UK industry average.

Another key benefit is that Canon will get a top-level report that highlights the problems and issues employees have while respecting employees' privacy. This allows management to change their approach to issues such as workplace stress based on knowledge of the underlying factors and not assumptions.

By giving employees a confidential outlet and counselling service, many issues can be resolved before they have a negative impact on the organisation. In addition to supporting employees directly, the service also provides management consulting services to individual managers. This allows managers to seek outside, independent advice regarding management issues. This service is available both as a direct consultation service and by referral.


  • Costs
  • Employees' need for privacy

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Absence and attrition rates lower than UK industry average
  • HR and management have time to focus on business needs
  • HR briefed on the types of concerns employees have
  • Employees have an outlet for their stress and concerns
  • Managers have access to independent management advice

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