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Business for Society Czech (Byznys pro společnost/ BpS) is a national business-led membership organisation promoting sustainable and responsible business in the Czech Republic. It started its work as informal group of companies in 2009 and was formally registered in 2010. Business for Society associates multinational and Czech companies and its mission is to mobilise these businesses in CSR activities and thus improve their performance. Business for Society runs the number of programmes and activities that helps to enhace the cooperation between the companies and deepen their professional CSR background.


1. Workplace

We support a responsible approach of businesses in the area of human resources and an effective involvement of employees in societal activities. Our aim is to support projects which deliver benefit to both business and society.

  • Employability working group /Thematic Task Force/ – focused on various standards on integrating people with disabilities, equal rights and Work-life balance activities.

2. Environment

We assist businesses with responsible approach to the environmental topics, such as the topic of climate change.

  • Climate change working group /Thematic Task Force/ - benchmarking on environmental CSR programs.

3. Community and corporate volunteering

We inspire businesses to become involved in strategic donorship and to participate in projects that are beneficial for our society and local communities. We support effective cooperation between businesses and public-benefit and non-profit organisations. We seek the enlargement of business and personal leadership and we share know-how and experience from the CSR area.

  • Employee engagement working group /Thematic Task Force/ - best practices on corporate volunteering.
  • ENGAGE (in partnership with BITC) – international program on corporate volunteering in the communities.
  • Give & Gain Day (in partnership with BITC) – corporate volunteering day
  • (Get Engaged) – National corporate volunteering matching program.
  • Know-how for the better world – Pro bono services scheme.
4. Benchmarking, reporting

To be effective in oour activities, BpS sees an external communication as an important tool. The communication is based on the sets of effective measuring tools focused on the cooperation between businesses and public-benefit organizations.

BpS provides variuos training and workshops on CSR reporting.

5. Awards and CSR mainstreaming

The Most Responsible Company Award (TOP Odpovedna firma)

The award is the main Czech award for the strategic and innovative approach of companies in CSR both for large businesses and SMEs.

Companies can be awarded in these specific categories:

  • Future Workplace
  • The Most Engaged Employees
  • Community Impact Award
  • Innovation in Environment
  • Sustainable Product and Marketing
  • Benefactor of the Year
  • Leadership Award

Organising events (workshops, conferences and policy discussions) in the area of CSR and sustainability.

Publications and CSR promotion in cooperation with the media.



Pavlína Kalousová


For more information, please contact Ladislav Lojka, Communications Manager
Phone: +420 735 755 338
Address: V Tůních 11, 120 00 Prague 2, Czech Republic
Facebook: Byznys pro společnost
Twitter: @OdpovedneFirmy