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In emerging countries, farmers' livelihoods are at the mercy of fluctuating crop prices. The international FairtradeĀ® system guarantees farmers a long-term fixed price for their crop.

Sodexo operates at 33,900 sites in 80 countries and is involved in local communities where we have an important role to play by contributing to the economic and social development of our host countries.

By seeking to increase the use of environmentally and ethically sound products such as Aspretto, we aim to respond to our clients and consumers expectations and our own core values while also contributing to improving the Quality of Life of our stakeholders and the local communities.


Following completion of a successful introductory pilot on 20 sites in five countries, Sodexo has decided in 2009 to expand the Aspretto offer to client sites throughout the world.

In addition to the quality of the coffees and teas, Aspretto is conceived around 4 principles (see subtitle), reflecting specific commitments:

  • Guaranteed traceability of teas and coffees to verify that they are 100% naturally-produced;
  • Product-sourcing from local markets accredited by the Rainforest Alliance, the Fairtrade Foundation or the Soil Association, internationally-recognized fair trade certification organizations;
  • A reduction of material used;
  • Maximized recycling;
  • Use of materials that are fully bio-degradable or recyclable in packaging and utensils (cups, stirrers, napkins, etc.).

Sodexo is proud to further its commitment to fair trade, in keeping with the Group's values and ethical principles. Our commitment encompasses both environmental and societal considerations and is consistent with Sodexo's mission to improve the quality of daily life and to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the regions and countries where we operate.


As part of our new sustainability roadmap, The Better Tomorrow Plan, we have taken 1 commitment in the field of fair trade: Ā 

"We will increase the purchase of products sourced from fairly traded certified sources by 2015."

How do we plan to get there?

  • Work with recognised international and local organizations to identify the list of potential fair trade products;
  • Develop permanent offers and promotional activities including fair trade products
  • Source certified fair trade products;
  • Help suppliers whose development we support in countries where we operate to achieve accreditation.



Inventory of existing internal programs, offers and references;

Group Fair Trade Practice Guidelines are defined and communicated


All countries have promotions and offers that include fair trade products.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

In certifying local production, Sodexo confirms its contribution to local economic development and education and training programs. For example, an agricultural cooperative in Nicaragua has been able to use a portion of its profits to build schools for students and finance purchases of school supplies and meals.

In addition, Sodexo donates a part of the price of each cup of Aspretto coffee or tea purchased - (8,000 tons of coffee per year, or more than one billion cups) - to its global hunger and malnutrition program, STOP Hunger (see other initiative submitted). During the Aspretto test phase, for example, the purchase of 181 tons of fair trade coffee generated revenue of $40,000 USD for STOP Hunger.

More information

Aspretto website:

Aspretto offer is described in our 2009 Corporate Citizenship Progress review

More information on the Better Tomorrow Plan

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