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Business Platform on the Future of Work

Monday, May 14, 2018

CSR Europe will be launching a new Business Platform on the Future of Work on May 24 at the European Business Summit in Brussels. This new business-driven initiative will address key employment and skills related challenges created by the rapid pace of technological development, change in cultural preferences, as well as the evolving demography in Europe.

Building on CSR Europe’s previous employability and skills campaigns (Skills for Jobs Campaign, 2013-2015 and the European Pact for Youth, 2015-2017), the Future of Work Business Platform will steer company action towards a people-centred future of workfocusing on three themes below.

Key focus areas:

  1. Automation, digitalisation & AI
  2. Life-long job transitions
  3. Changing labour markets

In doing so, the business platform will focus on injecting key sustainability challenges within the mainstream debates, providing a practice-oriented platform where businesses can exchange real-life examples, pooling of expertise together through a multi-stakeholder approach and linking emerging challenges with policy-makers.

Through this multi-stakeholder approach, CSR Europe will drive and inspire companies to work towards people-centred work environments, enabling life-long learning, employability and resilience to achieve an inclusive labour market.

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