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Business inspired cooperation at the 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The broadly understood cooperation between business and its social environment was the leading theme of the 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland held on 12 April in the PGE National Stadium in Warsaw. The exhibition and conference formula facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience in this area. The key items of the agenda included publication of the “Responsible Business in Poland 2017. Good Practices”, a discussion panel devoted to delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals and selection of winners of Poland’s first #SustainHack competition.

On 12 April 2018, CSR Marketplace in Poland was held in Warsaw. Organised by the Responsible Business Forum already for the 7th time, this is Poland’s biggest event dedicated to the corporate social responsibility. For the third time, the event took place in the PGE Narodowy Stadium. 77 exhibitors presented their projects, initiatives, services and products related to corporate social responsibility in the gallery of the stadium. In addition to companies, the exhibitors included non-governmental organisations, social cooperatives, the media, an organisational unit of the provincial local authority and a university.

Participants of the 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland could use the attractions prepared by the exhibitors. For example, Siemens presented a business mixer for energy efficiency of buildings. Ergo Hestia showcased and allowed visitors to try out the most modern device for system-assisted walking – a powered exoskeleton, which is typically used in rehabilitation of accident victims. Jeronimo Martins Polska staged a store which was socially responsible in its entirety, and Polpharma made it possible for visitors to conduct spirometric tests to help diagnose respiratory system diseases.

“Corporate social responsibility manifests itself in conscious actions for sustainable development. At the time of the 4th industrial revolution, it’s all about exerting real influence on the quality of our products through innovation. This is enabled by an extensive cooperation, also within the organisation. Synergy and cooperation means that we can do more across any existing divides. Such an approach can be observed not only at Siemens, but also at an increasing number of exhibitors and participants of the CSR Marketplace in Poland. The approach became a symbol of change in the Polish reality,” says Anna Grosiak, business development director at Siemens, the main partner of the 7th CSR Marketplace in Poland.


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