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Business & Human Rights Local Training Series III

Added on 15-05-2019

Building on our business & human rights work and the launched blueprint for embedding human rights, CSR Europe’s aim to build capacity in companies’ responsibility to respect human rights at the local level. After the success last Business and Human rights Training editions, where over 70 companies participated across Europe, CSR Europe is organising the third round.

This Train the Trainer webinar aims to:

  • Explain CSR Europe’s model for training on business & human rights
  • Prepare NPOs to deliver these human rights training
  • Kick-off human rights training local workshops around Europe

To ensure that each of our partners will get the most out of the training designed to their own member’s needs, we have divided the session into two optional modules:

Introductory – This module focuses on full disclosure of what human rights are in the day to day operations, how to apply it to the business, what are the implications for companies, as well as a mapping of which human rights are material and most relevant to each business. 

Advanced – This module translates what it means to embed human rights into strategy, policies, and operations for individual companies. The focus is on human rights as materiality at a local level and a to tailor the discussion to a local context while promoting interactions between participating companies to discuss good practices, challenges, and solutions.

In addition, as part of a training package created for NPOs, in preparation for the train the trainer webinar, CSR Europe will disseminate, to the NPOs registered, a supporting document to ensure a good level of understanding of human rights in business and the implications for companies (international standards, companies standards, practices).


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