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Business in the Community Ireland (BITC IE)


Business in the Community Ireland (BITCI) was established in 2000 and is a not-for-profit organisation specialising in advice and guidance to leading companies in Ireland on corporate responsibility and sustainability.

It is a business driven network, with significant social initiatives; its membership is drawn from Ireland's most progressive companies. With a core membership of over 60 of the Ireland's leading companies, BITCI also works with hundreds of companies nationwide through its social inclusion programmes.


BITCI has a very simple mission: to use its store of knowledge, networks and expertise to inspire, engage, support and challenge companies to make a positive impact on the workplace, marketplace, community and environment. Our vision is for Ireland to be recognised as a leading country for sustainable and responsible business practices.

BITCI works to harness the power of Irish businesses to maximise its positive impact on all stakeholders. Recognising the importance of corporate responsibility for long-term company sustainability, BITCI members strive for business excellence in all areas that impact on its stakeholders. To achieve this, they engage in ongoing open dialogue with all stakeholders, and continuously work to improve business practices through evaluation, learning and sharing best practice.   


Advisory Services on Corporate Responsibility - One to One service and Peer Learning

Through a process of systematic and comprehensive impact measurement, companies are guided to undertake a gap analysis and determine targets for improvement in the areas of workplace, marketplace, community and environment.  Advice is also offered to companies on their sustainability communications including CR Reports and mapping of performance indicators against Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines.

Community involvement and employee engagement is an area of particular expertise. BITCI has developed a number of strategic corporate community involvement programmes for member companies combining employer supported volunteering with cash/in-kind donations and skills transfer. Employee engagement programmes are linked to HR objectives and particular company needs. BITCI provides a unique business-community partnering service for mutual benefit and capacity building is offered to both the business and community organisation to maximise the impact of the relationship. Support is provided to help companies measure the impact of their community engagement programmes.

We also provide support and guidance on policy development and corporate responsibility management working across a number of sectors and companies.

Throughout the year, BITCI organise a number of peer learning best practice events as well as expert workshops and seminars, conferences and masterclasses nationwide.

BITCI also has an advocacy and campaigning role in areas such as climate change as the co-founders of the Irish Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change. We engage with Government at various levels and have organised "Seeing is Believing" visits for members of the Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) and made several submissions to Government consultations and parliamentary committees.

We publish several publications on an annual basis as well as a monthly electronic Newsletter. (Click here to subscribe)

Programmes on Tackling Social Inclusion in Ireland: Education and Employment

Over 500 companies nationwide participate in our programmes aimed at tackling social exclusion in the areas of employment and education through specific initiatives aiming at promoting a positive business impact on these areas.

The Schools' Business Partnership: links business with schools that have a high risk of student dropout at secondary level, through projects that include mentoring and skills transfer for students and leadership development for school principals and teachers.

The Linkage Service: works in conjunction with the Irish Probation Service to source training and employment opportunities for former offenders.

The EPIC programme: (Employment of People from Immigrant Communities) aims to assist legally resident EU and Non-EU adults with securing employment, training and education.

The Ready for Work programme: offers work placements and development opportunities for homeless people looking to enter the workforce or develop their skills.

The Mentoring Service: A new programme which provides one-to-one practical and emotional support to prisoners before and after release. The purpose of the service is to assist prisoners with the transition from prison to the community.



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For more information, please contact Tomás Sercovich, Chief Executive.

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