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Build supplier capacity and empowerment in the automotive industry

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In 2018, Drive Sustainability will offer a total of 11 supplier training sessions in Hungary, Spain and Thailand. Drive Sustainability’s local network in China will also hold 4 training sessions in Beijing and Shanghai.

The members of Drive Sustainability - a global partnership between 10 automotive companies seeking to promote sustainability throughout their supply chains – understand that improvement and impact can only be achieved by working with suppliers to build capability and empowerment. Therefore, Drive Sustainability is regularly organising supplier trainings in different countries across the globe.

In its 5 years of existence, Drive Sustainability has already conducted over 40 training sessions, reaching roughly 1500 suppliers, in nine countries, including a range of European countries, China, India, South Africa and Turkey.


The objective of the one-day advanced training and working sessions is to help suppliers understand the Drive Sustainability Guiding Principles. They describe the common minimum expectations towards human rights, working conditions and environmental leadership, the OEMs have for their suppliers and their subcontractors. More importantly, suppliers will learn how to improve their sustainability performance in practice.

In order to meet suppliers learning needs, the training is adapted to the local context of each country. Participants have a choice of two specialised sessions:

  1. Environment and Health & Safety - covering waste management, energy consumption & greenhouse gas emissions management, workplace safety, emergency preparedness etc.
  2. Business Ethics & Social Sustainability - covering responsible sourcing, anti-corruption, protection of personal data and identity, working conditions etc.

Suppliers interested in participation may reach out to their respective OEM customers for consideration in the invitation process.


  • June: Hungary (Budapest)
  • October: Spain (Barcelona and Madrid)
  • November: Thailand (Bangkok)

4 training sessions in Beijing and Shanghai will take place in September and November 2018.


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