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BLF Serbia (State Lottery of Serbia) - Goodness (Dobrota)

Added on 22-03-2013


State Lottery of Serbia


Business Leaders Forum (BLF) Serbia


2009 - present

Business challenge

The company has committed to enable employees to be involved in an annual election to choose a cause that the company will support and finance. Through the request of employees the company has chosen to work on improving standards within local communities because they are undeveloped, and they are the most affected ones by the financial crisis.


The challenge was addressed through the Goodness (Dobrota) project where there was development of intergenerational cooperation of various stakeholders including local communities, representatives of local government, individuals as well as non-governmental organizations that carry out the project enabling the transfer of knowledge and exchange of experiences to allow the sustainability of the initiative.


• The company learned that more attention needs to be devoted to local governments, and that marginalized groups of society should be given an incentive to be more active.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

• The company financed over 20 projects that targeted different age and social groups. For example providing help for children without parents, providing help for elderly and the development of intergenerational cooperation (helping generations connect in small communities).

• The impact is vast as it includes making roads to secluded mountain villages, opening of infirmaries in areas that had none, opening clubs for the elderly to socialize, opening a souvenir shop where women that had no other means to survive to sell their handicrafts.

• Creating the awareness of citizens to local government, building a greater degree of activism, and the impact of the citizens themselves to influence change within the local governments.

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