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Added on 22-03-2013


Atlantic Group


Business Leaders Forum (BLF) Serbia



Business challenge

In 2008-2009 Atlantic Group continued its intensive and dynamic business growth and development, which was reflected in the number and structure of employees. With employees being investments with long-term effects that significantly surpass the investment value; we specially focused on activities associated with improving working conditions.

The international feature of Atlantic Group is reflected in the fact that the company, apart from Croatia, has operating companies in Ljubljana (Slovenia), London (Great Britain), Treviso (Italy) and Hamburg (Germany). Survival in current market conditions, characterized by market liberalization and globalization as well as strong competitive environment, is possible only by constant investments in research and development of new product lines, technology and human resources.


In 2009 the company responded to this challenge through “ATLA-NOVA“ a specialized programme for recruiting and training new employees. The aim of this program is to strengthen activities that effect corporate culture, to strengthen the feeling of togetherness and belonging, to get a broader picture of the way AG does business, easy adjustment inside the organization, working inside a cohesion, and finally acting on work productivity.

The programme is divided into three logical wholes:

1. Information about the organization of Atlantic Group, turnover, sales and the specifics of each division.

2. Human resources and employee rights. New employees receive the basic information about employee structure, the system of managing competencies, the system of managing results, communication channels, business etiquette, etc. They also receive information about their material rights and other benefits that the company offers as well as explanations from the Labor Law acts.

3. Educating employees in the field of occupational safety, work protection, and fire protection.

The acquiring of new knowledge and professional and personal development of employees are the prerequisites and guarantee of business success. Atlantic’s employee education model is based on the competence model divided into professional, social and business competencies.

In Atlantic competencies are defined as the acquiring, use, development and sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences. In order to ensure adequate competence development of our employees, we organized Atlantic Academy which facilitates professional trainings and educations, enables participation in domestic and foreign business schools, professional congresses and specializations with the assistance of domestic and foreign service providers as well as with our own resources within the framework of internal trainings based on the principle “our experts for our employees“.

As a special project directed to competition development - Educational center Farmacia is developed as a special project directed to competition development within the Pharma division. Main intention of Center is professional education of Pharmacists.

Quality of managing human capital is seen through the partner relationship between an employee and employer. All processes connected with management in human resources are annually certified by an independent certificate ( This certificate is awarded to organizations that fulfill the highest standards in managing people in the following fields: strategy, recruiting and selection; work, motivation and rewards; specialization and development; relationship with employees.


  • The system for monitoring employee achievements is based upon fulfilling the company's strategic goals systematically. This is done by monitoring the accomplishment of short term goals in a way in which the company's goals are connected with the individual’s goals. This is the key point and the starting point for discussing an employee's career.
  • The foundation for a promotion is based upon the evaluation of an employee's accomplishments, motivation, personal aspirations, knowledge, competencies, and work experience. The percentage of internal advancements in relation to external employing in 2008 was 43% internal promotions and 57% external employing
  • Evaluating the employees annually and implementing the management rewarding system is a basic part of the decision connected with individual rewards and biggest challenge.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • Atlantic Group has been named one of the most attractive employers based on the survey, by the independent consulting company and the biggest recruitment agency in Croatia – Selectio/ - giving it a respectable 10th place as most desirable employer in 2009.
  • The survey, which was carried out in February 2009, included over 2,300 participants. The results of this survey has once again demonstrated Atlantic is a company with sound business foundations which is increasingly recognized.
  • Atlantic Group clearly and distinctively participates in creating the image of a desirable employer. Also it nurtures long-term and stable cooperation with state institutions in employment stimulation as also it is recognized as a serious and reliable business partner.
  • It actively cooperates with the academic community in which it organizes trainee programs for graduates, creates volunteering options and hires trainees.

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