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Added on 22-03-2013


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Business challenge

Together with the civic association in 2009 we created a community site (, where various non-profit organizations, individuals and other entities (e.g. government, school) dealing with a non-profit business can register their projects that deals mainly with education, arts and culture, social welfare, humanitarian assistance or amateur sport and leisure activities

Before our project in the Czech Republic there was no system of financial support through mini-grants (5000-20000 CZK), where the individual non-profit organizations or individuals can subscribe via the internet portal and try to get a grant for their project in smaller amounts. Grant procedures are usually complex and displayed on a higher amount.

Our challenge is to support such "small" projects that contribute to better life in communities.


The aim of the project is to familiarize the general public with interesting and entertaining events through websites. On the website you are able to watch for example sport, charity and cultural events or happenings. Original, funny or charitable activities are mainly from the area of education, art and culture, social care, humanitarian support, amateur sport and free time activities.

Non-profit-making organizations as well as individuals can apply for a grant in aid. However, events must provide benefit not only to their organizers but also their environment.  

The objective of the project is to support a large number of events across the whole country mainly thanks to the simplicity of applying for a grant and the speed of its payment.

The project works the way that the applicant applies online and includes pictures or a video illustrating the whole project. Each web site visitor selects and votes for the project that he/she likes the most. The web site administrator adds all the votes up at the end of each month and individual projects receive money depending on the number of votes. Provident Financial employees vote within the special category.

One of expected impact is that through supporting of small community projects, people can meet or help within their communities, they can share experiences and knowledge. Expected impact within business is to increase involvement of employees within company; and also to be perceived as a responsible company.


Our community site is becoming more and more popular, every month we have more submissions and more visitors.

  • As this project is unique, it expressed a strong interest in non-profit organizations and individuals abroad. In the autumn of year 2010, we are going to bring our project in Slovakia.
  • It is also in our future plan to open one of the competition categories on Facebook (this category was piloted in April 2010, and proved to be successful)

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Benefits to business:

  • The involvement of our employees in the form of voting or registration of its own project, which increases their sense of belonging and involvement with the company.
  • Increase awareness of the company as a responsible business entity.

Benefits to community:

  • The project supports a large number of interesting projects that would otherwise not receive support, mainly because grant procedures are usually complex and displayed on a higher amount.
  • Our company is able to promote community activities across the whole Czech Republic.

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