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BLF Czech


Founded in 1992, BLF Czech is a business network with 46 member companies, representing both large multinational companies as well as local SMEs. In the early 90´s BLFs main focus lied within the promotion of ethical business practice and environmental awareness. Over the past four years, BLF has developed into the leading organisation in the field of CSR in the Czech Republic. 


BLF Czech aims to raise awareness about CSR and its principles among the enterprises and general public in the Czech Republic through:

  • Research and awareness-raising activities
  • Creation of tools and awards to promote and mainstream CSR
  • Consultancy
  • Networking
  • Experience and best practice sharing
  • Joint actions with other partners from the public, academic and non-profit sector


BLF Czech runs a wide range of activities that directly benefit our members as well as contribute to general awareness raising in the field of CSR. Main activities include:

  • Conducting local research in the field of CSR (both in-depth as well as occasional snapshots)
  • Awareness raising activities: CSR conferences, workshops, thematic publications and info materials
  • Joint-action activities with the non-profit, public and academic sector (e.g. Manager Shadowing Programme for University students)
  • CSR consultancy in partnership projects supported from the EU structural funds
  • Annual Health safety and environment awards
  • Creation of tools for fostering CSR among SMEs
  • Fostering experience and best practice sharing among our member companies (CSR online database)



Daniela Cervenclova (President), Bayer
Jiri Dostal (Chair), Kovohute Pribram nastupnicka


For more information, please contact Iva Petříčková, Executive Director.

Phone: + 420 606 293 396 
Address: Stepanska 61, 116 02 Prague 1, Czech Republic
Facebook: Business Leaders Forum