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BITC UK - CSR360 Global Partner Network

Added on 22-03-2013


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1985 - ongoing

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CSR360 Global Partner Network is a global network of not-for-profit organizations working with businesses to improve their positive impact on society. It delivers quality NGO contacts for companies to work with.

The CSR360 Global Partner Network can assist the member companies of the partners to implement meaningful and impactful corporate responsibility programmes in each location that they operate in by providing local know how and expertise via professional and reputable global organisations.

Support is offered on each strand of corporate responsibility: community, environment, market place and workplace and in every corner of the globe.


The two key objectives of the CSR360 GPN strategy are:

  • Knowledge sharing and capacity building for its Network Partners
  • Building the movement of companies committed to improving their positive impact on responsible business practice globally

All partners operate as honest brokers, facilitating dialogue between business, government and civil society. This process helps to create partnerships that can reduce risk, build trust and develop innovative approaches that benefit from local market opportunities. 


The main challenges that the CSR360 has to face are the following ones:

  • Communications: Contact with partners is mainly done online. Our challenge is to provide our partners with clear and effective communication whilst at the same time not over communicating. We aim to achieve this through using the CSR360 website, our online magazine and e-newsletter. These collectively pull together all the information that the partners send us in order to keep them informed.
  • Wide range of webinars: Every year we set up an interesting webinar agenda focusing on CSR issues and offering examples of best practice and case studies to our partners and also to businesses. We implemented this as to address our main objective of capacity building the network but also in order to increase communication and the value of the network to partners.

Due diligence: We have a strict list of requirements that need to be met before an Ngo becomes a partner of the CSR360 network. This is in order to keep businesses trust and utilization of the network high.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

  • 116 independent organizations from over 60 different countries
  • Reaching over 6000 companies around the world
  • It has presence on every major continent
  • It can offer to its partners a wealth of resources including toolkits and handbooks
  • Expertise across the Corporate Responsibility (CSR) spectrum including community, environment, workplace and marketplace. 

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