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BITC Ireland (PepsiCo) - People Development to ensure sustained exceptional employee talent

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Business challenge

PepsiCo Ireland understands the challenge of identifying future leaders within the organization across business units (Americas, Asia, Ireland and Puerto Rico). This was identified through PepsiCo Ireland's business strategy, ‘Performance with Purpose’. This is defined as the continual improvement within three sustainable areas, Human, Environmental and Talent. Talent Sustainability focuses on developing employees in a diverse and inclusive environment, and ensuring PepsiCo Ireland is an attractive destination for the world's best talent.


PepsiCo responded to this challenge through the creation of the’ PWF Leadership Development Program’, designed to identify potential and future leaders within the organizations business units (Americas, Asia, Ireland and Puerto Rico).

The program was developed to ensure diversity in the senior technical roles throughout the business. The selection process involved a combined effort of the human resources teams across many countries, resulting in the selection of 4 female candidates from three different regions. This initiative consists of two development components. The first component is PepsiCo Worldwide Flavours (PWF) Leadership Development Program for potential senior leaders within our business unit and the second component is the PWF International Graduate Management Training and Development Program.

The objective of the PWF Graduate Management Development Program is to build talent with a specific focus on the technical disciplines, and to achieve a multi site program which would facilitate future international moves throughout the region. Stakeholders from every part of the region ensure the success of this project, these include regional project owners, project director, recruitment teams, on-boarding teams, mentors and direct managers. External stakeholders included universities in each country, government agencies, undergraduate and graduate societies and associations.

Selected graduates have the opportunity of working in different countries every six months (duration of program is 22 months). This placement provides them with on the job training, coaching, international and cross cultural operations experience with the opportunity of developing their practical leadership skills while also learning the business.

The PWF Leadership Development Program was designed to identify and develop potential and future senior leaders within the business. The objective is to have an identified and developed group of high potential talent for the business. These candidates get the opportunity of exposure to existing senior leaders within the organization with the objective of these future leaders themselves going from "good to great" in their abilities. The candidates develop an understanding of how to lead and manage their own teams, practice their influencing skills, understand how to manage in a challenging constantly changing environment.

All candidates are brought to one location from around the world for an intensive 3 day program (Module One), followed by on the job assignments with regular follow up and coaching calls and then another 3 day program (Module Two), six months later. Stakeholders include a direct line manager who nominates and provides coaching to the successful participants during the program, learning partners (fellow participants), a coach who supports participant progress, a project sponsor (Senior Vice Presidents of Region), program director who designs and develops a program based on participant needs and interacts with all stakeholders before, during and after the program. The impact of this has created a pool of high performance talent available for any future senior opportunities or moves.


• Finding suitable and challenging positions for each highly experienced candidates at the end of their 22 month program.

• Multiple locations will be hoping and competing to secure the graduates as part of their full time staff.

• The challenge will be to ensure the next career move or secondment opportunity will meet their expectations.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

• Achieving a more diverse and inclusive workforce by hiring 4 female, technically qualified, high potential graduates who have gained international experience across the region which has facilitated sharing of best practices from different plants.

• The PWF Leadership Development Program has supported the people planning process by providing a larger pool of people as having the skills and abilities to progress to more senior future roles.

• It has developed the links between different locations within regions and has facilitated international moves.

More information

Additional information related to the above is available in hard copy if required. For more information about PepsiCo, our initiatives and Performance with Purpose please go to,

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