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BITC Ireland (EBS) - Giving back in locations where we operate

Added on 22-03-2013




BITC Ireland



Business challenge

As EBS is located in local communities all over Ireland, our CSR philosophy is to give back locally where we operate. Following consultation with customers, the need to deliver an Ireland-wide community initiative that benefitted local groups, clubs and causes became apparent.


The EBS Community Fund helps projects to continue the great work they do in communities all around Ireland. Each EBS office recognises a group, club or cause in their locality by awarding them the EBS Community Fund Regional award of €500. To help offices make a true impact in their community, the general public provides the nominations from which the regional award winner is selected. Then through an online poll, one regional winner is selected by the general public to go on to receive the EBS Community Fund National Award of €10,000.


Initially the recipients of the EBS Community Fund were selected by a group of representatives active in their community. Feedback from our staff showed that they felt that they themselves better understood the needs of their community so the structure was changed to enable them to decide who the fund should go to.

Because of the engagement we had with our customers and staff in forming the EBS Community Fund, the fund has considerable support from our staff and externally from communities.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

Company Benefits:

  • The Community Fund is a visible, impactful demonstration of EBS’ commitment to making a difference in communities all around Ireland.
  • The EBS Community Fund provides a platform for our offices to engage with their community at local level.
  • Offices actively promote and campaign for the fund in their locality which raises their profile within the community.
  • EBS staff feels they get to make a difference in their local communities and feel engaged with the EBS CSR programme.
  • The fund and successful community groups have received considerable media coverage and support.

Stakeholder Benefits

  • Over 600 community groups all around Ireland have received funding from the EBS Community Fund.
  • 300 community groups on average are nominated in each round and 96,000 people voted for the 2010 EBS National Community Fund winner.
  • Successful community groups have received considerable media coverage of the work they do and their success.

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