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Biodiversity and Industry Webinar - Measuring Corporate Biodiversity Impact

Added on 16-05-2019

In this webinar we will explore the biodiversity impact of businesses on their industrial plants and across their value chains, and the first steps that companies can make in assessing their biodiversity impacts, raising awareness and collaborating with industry peers to take collective action. 

This online webinar will explore the opportunities and challenges of biodiversity by:

  • Addressing why industries need to care biodiversity and why it’s important for sustainable development;
  • Setting up what the relevant EU level policies are for business and biodiversity;
  • Presenting case studies from leading companies (Solvay and Toyota) in this field;
  • Assessing companies’ interest in joining the multi-stakeholder collaborative platform ‘Biodiversity and Industry’.

Who should join?

  • Corporate Members (CSR managers, Biodiversity experts)
  • Companies and relevant organisations interested to join the platform