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Benefit from our EU expertise


CSR Europe is committed to mainstreaming Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in European Union (EU) policies. Our ambition is for EU policy dialogue and collaboration between business and the EU to accelerate the development of a smart, sustainable, and inclusive society.

Business benefits

  • Companies receive EU intelligence input and are kept up to date on EU developments impacting their CSR activities. This happens via EU webinars, events, issue insights and newsletters.
  • Networking and engagement opportunities with EU policy makers (via events, policy brainstorming, finding opportunities)
  • Policy positioning to make members’ voice heard (internally and externally) and influence EU policy developments

Areas of expertise

Transparency, skills and jobs, circular economy, business and human rights, tax, sustainable supply chain

How to get involved

To get involved contact Lorena Sorrentino on

EU Dialogue

EU Dialogue

We maintain close contact with the EU institutions and civil society to promote CSR objectives, to ensure close policy insights and to advance opportunities for collaboration.

EU Services for Members

Benefit from our EU expertise, close policy insights and extensive network of business contacts.   

CSR key words

Member Achievements

We have been a strong promoter of CSR at the EU-level since the early beginning in 1993. Take a look at our rich history!

European Pact for Youth

The European Pact for Youth is a mutual engagement of business and EU leaders, initiated by us.