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Become a Business and Human Rights trainer!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An opportunity exclusively for National Partner and Regional Partner Organisations to enhance their Business and Human Rights expertise to mentor local organisations the value of incorporating Human Rights in day to day business operations.

National and EU regulations continue to be a trendy topic for organisations, as scandals and frequent reports mark the lack of human rights in business activities. By organising (or reorganising) local training sessions to enhance your members in domestic and international human right regulations, you will offer valuable information on business implications of human rights.

After the success of last year’s Business and Human rights Training, where over 70 companies participated across Europe, CSR Europe is organising a second round. 

Through the training CSR Europe will:

  • offer expertise knowledge to present the business case for good human rights practices
  • deliver practical steps to enhance human rights within organisations
  • provide an opportunity for our partners to build capacity and impact through a network of corporate members

To ensure that each of our partners will get the most out of the training designed to their own member’s needs, we have divided the session into two optional modules:

Introductory – This module focuses on full disclosure of what human rights are in the day to day operations, how to apply it to the business, what are the implications for companies, as well as a mapping of which human rights are material and most relevant to each business. 

Advanced – This module translates what it means to embed human rights into strategy, policies, and operations for individual companies. The focus is on human rights as a materiality at a local level and a to tailor the discussion to a local context while promoting interactions between participating companies to discuss good practices, challenges, and solutions.

We invite our National and Regional Partner Organisations to submit their interest here of which module you would like to pursue. Register before June 5 to secure your spot to the Train the Trainer session, which is the first step of our program. 


  • June 511.00-12.30 (CEST): Train the Trainer Webinar.
  • June – September: Signing of commitment letters, hand-out of template materials.  
  • September – April 2019: Business and Human rights local training series will take place across Europe.

For more information take a look at the brochure or contact Amalie Goperod at