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Apprentices in Motion

Project overview

Apprentices in Motion is a European Commission funded pilot project, testing intra-company B2B long-term apprenticeship mobility with four large companies: Engie, Solvay, Nestlé and General Electrics.

This initiative is set in parallel to Erasmus Pro, a new dedicated initiative within Erasmus+, which was recently launched by the EU Commission and backed by 400 million EUR, to develop long-term apprenticeship mobility across Europe

Business benefits

While apprenticeship mobility is yet to achieve its full potential, companies can already reap various direct benefits by running apprenticeship mobility schemes:

1) Access EU funding under ErasmusPro to cover additional costs related to the mobility of your workforce
2) Attract the best new talents your company by offering mobility placements for your candidates
3) Tackle future skills challenges with ever more adaptable and agile workforce
4) Enhance your company reputation towards policy makers working on young people’s transition to jobs
5) Extend your company frontiers with your business units, suppliers and clients in other European countries.

By getting engaged in our project we can provide you with tools, best practices and support in setting up your company apprenticeship mobility schemes.

How to get involved

  • Take part in series of webinars and workshops featuring ongoing projects run by companies
  • Share your ongoing initiatives to build mutually beneficial learnings
  • Stay tuned for the release of company guidelines to run B2B intra-company apprenticeship mobility under ErasmusPro

For more information, please contact Tommi Raivio