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Added on 22-03-2013




Fondazione Sodalitas



Business challenge

The Altran Foundation for Innovation in Italy choose the theme “Bio engineering and stemcells: ideas for life” for the 2012 Award, in order to achieve the Foundation mission: “To promote technological innovation for human benefit”. The Altran Foundation in Italy wants to identify and reward an innovative technological project able to solve one of the problems related to the research of stem cells from the perspectives of bio engineering, biotechnologies, medicine development usage. The award is addressed to universities, institutions, associations, students, PhD, researcher as long as they’re not working for Altran. Altran Foundation, to involve employees in the Award organisation, launched the “coaching”: employees can help to promote as ambassadors of the Altran Foundation and to find potential candidates. They can also support candidates in fulfilling they application form, in giving useful tips for a successful project presentations. The support of Altran Italia employees is essential for the success of the Award.


The Altran Foundation for Innovation Team in Italy planned some activities to make Altran Italia employees Ambassadors of 2012 Award in Italy. All Altran Italia employees receive periodically updated information about the activities of Altran Foundation for Innovation In Italy and they have at their disposal promotional tools to spread outside the company the 2012 Award (presentations, copies of call of proposal, the official web site, an email address to ask further information). Those who had wanted voluntarily and for nothing become coaches, demonstrated a strong work ethic and to been keen on working for a project of with a potential big impact on community. Appreciating their attitudes, the Altran Foundation Team gave them a specific training ( “Coach Foundation training”) to learn how to support candidates at best. It was created a community on the Altran Intranet to share experiences and increase “passionate mood” of coaches. More over the Altran Foundation Team gave them the opportunity to attend a training on “Solution Finding” to overcome the possible critical points using creativity, also in daily working routine.


In a company, it’s essential to count on a motivated an enthusiastic Human Capital also for activities non included in the core business, but with a big impact on society in terms of health and wellbeing.

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The Altran Foundation Team in Italy received a lot of application to be Coach by enthusiastic employees and a lot of projects applications by the Award 2012 target. Helping winner by Consultants is an important way for engineers of Altran to answer to the question: “With my knowledge, my skills, what can I do for the common good?”. When some of them support technically projects, they are using theyr skills to push Foundation’s projects a step forward.

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