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Albanian CSR Network



 The Albanian CSR Network's mission focuses on these points:

  • Dissemination of information on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for businesses through trainings regarding responsible management, reporting, and for the public through awareness activities.
  • Research on CSR, through the identification of the needs of member businesses and the targeting of their concerns.
  • The recognition of businesses for their best practices as a means of promoting CSR.
  • Cross-sectorial partnerships with other businesses, the government as well as the civil society to create social projects and address social problems. 


17 members


President of the Network - Tirana Business Park

Vice President - Vodafone Albania
Board Member - Alpha Bank Albania
Board Member - Intracom Telekom Albania
Board Member - Hellas Service

Treasurer- Procredit Bank Albania
General Secretary - Tirana Business Park.


Phone: + 355 (0) 44 50 23 73
Fax: + 335 (0) 44 50 24 12
Address: Kashar, Katundi i Ri, AutostradaTirane - Durres, Km. 7, Tirana, Albania, P.O. Box 1746