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Adding Value to the Private Sector’s Actions in EU and Africa

Monday, September 30, 2019

In Europe and Africa lies untapped potential for private sector collaboration through new digital technologies. Join CSR Europe’s business-led platform ‘Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa’ to discover, together with the EU Commission and the German Foundation for International Collaboration, the opportunities in the fields of energy, water, and health.


Upgrading value chains presents a good opportunity for local firms to access new (digital) technologies, identify learning opportunities and enhance their capacity to innovate, allowing businesses to penetrate the market. Leading multinational companies recognise the opportunity to increase the value added by companies in Africa; that is why they invest in Africa’s growing economy and engage with their supply chains on the continent. There is a need to scale up and collaborate to drive this action beyond the individual efforts of corporates. Digitalisation, skills and innovation are important enablers for future development both in Africa and Europe, with many creative start-ups - and multinational companies - providing opportunities for creating sustainable added value in Africa.

The advantage for multinational companies

Due to the untapped potential for private sector collaboration in the EU and Africa, CSR Europe is launching the Collaborative Platform “Upgraded and Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa”.

At the workshop on October 16th in Brussels, Paolo Ciccarelli of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) of the European Commission, will provide an overview of the EU policy framework. Additionally, the German Foundation for International Collaboration (GIZ) will present business opportunities to mobilise private sector expertise through digitalisation. During the break-out sessions, challenges and opportunities for cross-sector collaboration will be discussed. We will explore specific sectors for practical action, like energy, water, and health, in several African regions, like Morocco, Zambia, and South Africa.


More information:

Collaborative Platform “Upgraded & Sustainable Value Chains for Europe & Africa”

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