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Our strategy

Enterprise 2020 is CSR Europe's flagship initiative to address European and global challenges to achieve smart, sustainable and inclusive growth

In response to the European Union’s Europe 2020 strategy, the Enterprise 2020 initiative addresses sustainability issues which are increasingly bringing into question our current patterns of living, working, learning, communicating, consuming and sharing resources.

Since its launch in 2010, Enterprise 2020 has become the European movement for companies committed to developing innovative business practices and working together with their stakeholders to provide solutions to existing and emerging societal needs.

In 2015, in response to the urgent need to address unemployment, climate change and demographic changes in Europe, we launched the Enterprise 2020 Manifesto.

The movement, brought together by CSR Europe, already includes more than 40 of our National Partner Organisations and over 10,000 companies across Europe.

The Manifesto calls on businesses and governments to work together and take action on three strategic priorities during the five years leading up to 2020:

1. Make employability and inclusion a priority across boards, management and value chains.

2. Stimulate companies to engage as committed partners with communities, cities and regions to develop and implement new sustainable production methods, consumption and livelihoods.

3. Put transparency and respect for human rights at the heart of business conduct. 

CSR Europe's service offer in line with the Enterprise 2020 Strategy

CSR Europe provides both tailored and general services to its members.


Enterprise in 2020

An enterprise in 2020 will effectively combine Good Governance and Accountability together with Social Innovation in all aspects of its operation. Whereas the first pillar is an opportunity to improve economic, social, and environmental performance; the second pillar strives to deliver innovative products and services to customers and workplace innovation to employees and workforce in general.

“CSR Europe’s Enterprise 2020 initiative is an example of business leadership in the field of CSR that is particularly relevant to EU policy objectives. (EU Communication on CSR, 2011)