The European Business Network
for Corporate Social Responsibility
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CSR Europe is an international not-for-profit organisation under Belgian law (AISBL). It is a membership network with two types of members - corporate members and national partner organisations - who are represented in the organisation's governing bodies. Currently there are around 45 corporate members and 41 National Partner Organisations.


The President provides advice in relation to the strategy of the organisation and contributes to its visibility, authority and reputation among the business community and key stakeholders.

Etienne Davignon, Minister of State

The President of CSR Europe, Mr Davignon has been involved with CSR Europe since its inception and has made a huge contribution to driving forward the dialogue on CSR. He continues to play an active role in the network’s strategic development and high level representation.

President Davignon is also a Chairman of Brussels Airlines, Compagnie Maritime Belge, Fondation P.-H. Spaak, Friends of Europe, Recticel, Palais des Beaux-Arts, the Royal Institute for International Relations, Ichec and the Bilderberg Group. He is also a member of the Board of Sofina and Royal Sporting Club d'Anderlecht.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors determine the organisation's strategic direction. It also appoints an Executive Director who is entrusted with the daily management of the organisation and the execution of Board decisions. The Board is currently made up of 12 individuals representing corporate members and three individuals representing National Partner Organisations.

In line with CSR Europe’s by-laws, CSR Europe's Board of Directors was renewed in March 2016 and currently consists of 15 members.


Hans Daems, Hitachi

Vice Chair

Marina Migliorato, Enel

Current Board Members:
  • Dominique Debecker, Solvay
  • Jean Bernou, McCain
  • Filippo Bettini, Pirelli
  • Hans Daems, Hitachi
  • Benjamin Davies, Johnson & Johnson
  • Tony Graziano, Huawei
  • Marina Migliorato, Enel
  • Celia Moore, IBM
  • Annemarie Muntz, Randstad
  • Thorsten Pinkepank, BASF
  • Jacques Spelkens, ENGIE
  • Maria Alexiou, TITAN GROUP
  • Mirella Panek-Owsiańska, Responsible Business Forum Poland
  • Tomás Sercovich, Business in the Community Ireland

General Assembly

The General Assembly meets once a year to review CSR Europe's annual progress, to approve the budget and financial report and to make decisions about the organisation's work. Every corporate member and national partner organisation has one representative on the General Assembly and is entitled to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors.