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A2A - APP “PULiamo”

Added on 22-03-2013







Business challenge

To make exploitable, even on mobile devices (tablets and smart phones) services, information, and applications on the web; to make available new information and new services developed ad hoc for the PULiamo application. Meeting situations of civic degradation with the possibility of instant and geolocalised reporting.


Thanks to PULiamo it is possible:
• To report situations of environmental degradation; citizens can communicate the presence of full rubbish bins, syringes or illegal dumping, simply by photographing them and sending the report to the environmental hygiene company of the Group to enable them to intervene to clean the area. The geolocation of the device using GPS makes it possible to trace immediately where action is required.
• To know by means of a guide for differential collection “where I can throw it away” the correct means of waste disposal. One only needs to type in the name of the object to be thrown away to determine in which bin it should be discarded. It is also possible to report any missing items in the “where I can throw it away” search engine to enable continuous updating.
• To be updated as regards the day of collection and street cleaning
• To make a reservation for collection of bulky waste at one’s own residence
• To request an inspection for cleaning external surfaces where there is presence of graffiti
• To make use of geolocation to determine the presence of bottle banks, bins, recycling and separate ecological collection.


The PULiamo application is a clear example of how technological innovation can support the civic and environmental sense of citizens through the use of familiar and wide spread tools such as smart phones and tablets (25 million users of smart phones in 2011). PULiamo is a strategic tool of communication / service of great benefit to the community. To date, the app has been downloaded by more than 8500 users and about 450 messages have been sent, a demonstration that when innovative, but highly usable tools are made available, user involvement is guaranteed

Challenges/Lessons learned:

The app is an innovative means of communication and interaction, which enables citizens to take advantage of information, updated in real time and be able to communicate directly with the A2A Group’s environmental health companies. With the geolocalised reporting system a reduction in the presence of rubbish left in the city area will be sought for, in order to improve the living conditions of citizens and reduce the environmental impact that abandoned waste would make. Moreover, thanks to the guide “where I can throw it away” the quality and quantity of the waste collection can be improved. Thanks to this application there can also be an improvement, from a business point of view, in the organisation of work in environmental sanitation services.

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