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7th CSR Marketplace in Poland

Added on 09-02-2018

Companies and organisations carrying out corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiatives, or offer services in these areas, are invited to present their activities at the 7th CSR Marketplace. The event will take place in Warsaw on 12 April 2018. The CSR Marketplace is organised by the Responsible Business Forum in Poland

The CSR Marketplace is the largest corporate social responsibility event in Poland. The aim of the event is to showcase the activities and practices of socially responsible companies and to promote services in this area. This year's event will be held under the slogan “Cooperation in business”. 

The fair-like structure of the event allows exhibitors to interact with both industry professionals and a wider array of stakeholders. The Marketplace is an excellent venue for sharing ideas with clients, employees, executives and managers, entrepreneurs, students and media representatives.

The CSR Marketplace is an open event with free admission. 

Offer for exhibitors (in Polish)

Event website (in Polish)