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4 Partners to promote Women in STEM

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Samsung Electronics and Amgen to partner with CSR Europe to create a collaborative STEM Platform to drive sustainable impact.

Women and girls around the world are underrepresented in studies and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), while the need for such profiles is steadily growing. The European economy needs more women in STEM professions in order to increase gender balance and diversity, to remain competitive, to innovate, and to add value to society.

Despite this, girls and women face a number of barriers to enter and remain in STEM studies and careers.

Leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Samsung Electronics and Amgen have already taken on this challenge for several years by themselves and are working together with educators, students, experts, and NGOs to break down the barriers. All of them share the same ambition and realise that the challenge requires further learning, sharing, and collaboration between businesses to drive the systemic changes that are needed.

Leveraging the experience of each individual company, CSR Europe is now developing a collaborative STEM platform which aims to create more sustainable impact together. These leading and other like-minded companies are joining forces with the support of CSR Europe to create more sustainable impact together. They are currently developing a collaborative platform, with the aim of accelerating and scaling up business initiatives around women in STEM through sustainable business collaboration in Europe. The companies aim to work together on practical actions on the ground in addition to showing leadership and engaging with policy makers to create systemic change.

The collaboration was agreed upon at the 3rd Brussels SDG Summit and more details are available in CSR Europe’s 2019 Whitepaper From Urgency to Action.


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Yvette Sweringa